George St Finale – A bang to end the 2010 wedding season

Published on Friday, December 31st, 2010

Hello guys! Yes I know, it’s been ages since I last made a post. Truth is, 2010 got a little too busy. I was shooting every single weekend since June/July!!

Now that 2011 is just around the corner, I thought I’d share what was the best experience in my career so far. It was Linda and Edwin’s wedding on Boxing Day and because the wedding was going to be held in the city, I thought it was going to be really tricky with crowd control.

After the traditional ceremonies were done, I decided to have their bridal party session in the city. We walked along the streets of the packed CBD and I snapped away :) Little did they know I was warming them up for the grand finale :P

As we approached the QVB, Town Hall, Woolworths intersection I explained to the bridal party we’re going to do a shoot here. Everyone was puzzled and thought I was crazy until I told them my idea LOL!

We watched the traffic for a bit and went for it. As the pedestrian lights turned green, we ran to the middle of George St, Linda and Edwin got in position and I just snapped away like a crazed photographer on drugs!

The best part of it all was during the final shot. When their lips met in the middle of George St, the hundreds, possibly thousands of onlookers and pedestrians alike erupted in a round of applause. Horns went off and whistles blown. At one point, I think time stood still as they enjoyed the moment together.

Linda and Edwin, you guys are just as crazy as I am and I thank you for that. Thank you for allowing me to realize my creative vision. I certainly will not forget this day for the rest of my life. It’s story I’ll tell my grand children one day :)

Without further ado, here is the George St shot taken from the same day edit wedding slideshow.

Phew, what an amazing year 2010 has been. We’ve got a lot planned for 2011 including a new blog and website so stay tuned! Hopefully that will make me blog more as I have tons and tons of photos to share!

It’s time now to go book my spot to view the fireworks tonight. Catch up with you all soon!

Happy New Year!!!

Warmest regards,
Justin Oh

Andrew & Akushla – Wedding, Centennial Vineyards, Bowral

Published on Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Hello guys! I’m back :) I know it’s been awhile since my last blog update. I promise to have more regular updates as I have amassed heaps and heaps of new photos over the last few months. I’m quite excited to show you all my latest work so keep an eye out ;)

Andrew & Akushla were one of the first few couples to book me as a wedding photographer. Andrew first saw my work on the Overclockers forums and contacted me about shooting their wedding. I was a newbie in the industry then so when they got back to me saying they wanted to book me I was over the moon! Also, if I remember correctly it was over 18 months from the first point of contact till their wedding day.

The wedding day started at Milford Meadows where the ladies were getting ready while the guys had a later start at the Plum Tree Cottage. It was raining that morning on the way to Bowral but when we got there we had clear blue skies. The ceremony was held at the Anglican Church of St. Simon and St. Jude and reception at Centennial Vineyards.

Thank you Andrew and Akushla for putting your trust and confidence in my work so early on in my career. I have very fond memories right from the first time we met till the very end when we made our way back to the car. I looked up to the sky and there were billions of stars lighting up the night sky. It was beautiful, just like your wedding day was. Thanks guys :)

One of the many views at Milford Meadows

The girls reading the well wishes on Facebook :)

Starting with the hair

Hair done while going through last minute stuff

The well wishes keep coming in!

Mum fixing one of the bridesmaid’s dress while the bride waits anxiously for her hair to be done

Three things going on at once!

Off to the boy’s side for a bit

Then it was back to the girls

First look at the bride

Then it’s off to the church

Andrew and the boys waiting anxiously

At first I thought they were trying to steal some grapes! They were actually trying to free a trapped bird :D

Centennial Vineyards at sunset :)

These flowers were arranged by the bride’s mum. Better than some ordered from a florist!

Homemade souvenirs

Love the flower arrangements for the cake too!

Where was this taken? Took awhile for Andrew to guess it right :)

Speech reactions

The first dance

AIPP NSW Silver Award – Landscape Category

Published on Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Sunday, 28th March 2010 – I picked up my first AIPP award. The judging was held over 2 days and I was lucky enough to attend both and actually saw some of my prints being judged. I only submitted 1 print for the landscape category and it was the first one being judged. When the print appeared, I almost had a heart attack! My heart was beating so fast I could hear it in my head :P I listened on nervously and when the score was announced my nerves still weren’t settled hahaha!

Here’s the certificate from AIPP NSW followed by the winning print :)



I did submit other photos for the wedding category but unfortunately I didn’t pick up any awards there. Most of the prints scored in the upper 70′s but you need an 80 or above for silver. Slightly disappointing at first but I did learn a lot having sat through the judging session. This being my first AIPP submission, I now have a better feel of what the judges are after so I’ll definitely be back! :)

I started photography by shooting landscapes many years ago so this is a nice reminder of my photography roots :) Perhaps I should reconsider my career as a wedding photographer and go back to shooting landscapes! By the way, if you came to this link via Twitter or Facebook, Happy April Fools! :P

Sean Minn & Eugene – Pre wedding shoot at La Perouse

Published on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Congratulations to Sean Minn and Eugene! The lovely couple tied the knot back home in Malaysia but before they went back we had a pre wedding photo shoot around La Perouse. It was a lovely day in Sydney with typical clear blue skies although, we had very strong wind throughout the whole shoot.

It proved to be a bit of a challenge at first as Sean Minn had trouble with her veil. We were all afraid that it may fly off with the wind! In the end, I think we made the best of it and I’ve also always wanted to do ‘veil shots’. We got a few of them and I was happy with the way it turned out.

Here are the photos from their session. Thank you Sean Minn and Eugene! It was a really fun day out ;)

These 2 photos have some different post processing compared to what I usually do. I couldn’t resist with the texture of the bricks



This is something more typical of my work :)


Making the most of the strong wind ;)


I love this shot! If you see the larger version you can see the streaks of light!



We even got to use the veil as a diffuser, softening the light!



Both of them being funny :P


Love the movement of the veil here!


This has to be one of my favourite shots


The sunset was beautiful that day too!


Sydney Fireworks NYE 2010

Published on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

4pm, 31st December 2009, friends arrive at my place and fortunately there wasn’t any trouble finding parking. This year we left 2 hours earlier and managed to secure our spot at Balls Head. We had over 7 hours to kill so some food, drinks, iPhone and good company came in handy. I also got to use my foldable chair for the first time! :mrgreen:

Our spot had views of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour, with a tiny bit of the Opera House. It was a great spot considering I live about just 10 minutes away, not having to brush shoulders with strangers all night and having worry about our camera equipment 8-) We were just next to the spot we were at last year but I think the fireworks this year was better. There was something different about it and it felt more ‘special’. Either that or I’m just getting old and content :-P The fireworks lasted for about 14 minutes and I managed to cut the footage down to about 8 minutes to include the best parts. This will by my first all video production and I must say I really enjoyed it! I will definitely be doing more video in the future but for now, here’s the clip. If you want to watch a larger and higher quality version click on Vimeo.

Sydney has never looked this beautiful. 2010 marks the 7th year living here and after editing the footage and watching the final product, I couldn’t help but feel slightly nostalgic. Watching the Sydney skies exploding with bright colors somehow just brought back many memories. It was also a great reminder for me to never take anything for granted.

This is the aftermath of the fireworks. The wind cleared the smoke from the fireworks rather quickly.

For the technically inclined, video was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II in Full HD and also using the onboard mic. I used a regular tripod head so the movements are a little jerky. Time to invest in a dedicated video tripod head and external mic perhaps? :) The final product was put together using iMovie 09 on my MBP.

Thanks so much for watching! Feel free to share and pass this link on to anyone else you know who might enjoy this :) This one is for all my dear readers out there so I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did producing this piece!

Take care and all the best in 2010!

Best regards,
Justin Oh