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The Cheah + Ford Family – sneak peek :)

Published on June 30, 2009

Over the weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to do a family portrait shoot for the first time! Our great friends, Jaydee + Clara first suggested it and I thought why not! I’ve always loved trying new things and I knew it would present a new set of challenges. Needless to say, I learnt a [...]

Kodachrome – the end of a photography icon

Published on June 24, 2009

First introduced in 1935, this color slide film became very popular for professional color photography. The vivid, high contrast and saturation colors it produced not only looked awesome but were very accurate. The only downside of this film was the complex processing and was often sold with processing fees included in the purchase price. Due [...]

Florence + Ka Yoong in Sydney!

Published on June 11, 2009

Florence and Ka Yoong were in Australia for holiday and so happen I was lucky enough for them to stumble upon my website. They wanted a casual and relaxed photoshoot so after several emails and weeks later, they were in Sydney which is their last stop of the trip. We made plans before for an [...]

Florence + Ka Yoong – a teaser pic :P

Published on

Florence and Tham kissing in the middle of QVB Enough said I’ll be uploading more tomorrow when I finish processing the whole batch. Stay tuned guys, hope you enjoyed the teaser! Don’t forget you can click to view a larger version!

New 5D Mark II firmware out!

Published on June 2, 2009

Yeay! Now the 5D II is capable of manual exposure control in video mode. Previously, this was not possible as the camera takes full control of the exposure levels. The latest firmware 1.1.0 by Canon now allows you to control aperture, shutter speed and ISO! Well done Canon for listening to your customers! Copied from [...]