Cheah + Ford Family

As promised, here are just some of the other pics from the family shoot :)

Ladies first!


Ladies & Gentleman


Asian James Bond? :)


Mr and Mrs Cheah


Cheah and Ford


Altogether now!



The next 3 would be the funniest sequence I have ever photographed! We were playing an impromptu posing game for each shot I took – none of the poses were planned!  This is what they came up with hahaha!



The 2 brothers thinking exactly the same, much to the dissapointment of their dad! LOL! :)


Since everyone was so impressed with the umbrella light setup, here are some behind the scene shots:) This is the wall we used as the background with just ambient light coming in through the blinds.


Lighting setup: 580EX II and 430EX triggered via Pocket Wizards, shot through umbrella, Sekonic L-508 Lightmeter


I used the Pocket Wizard to trigger the 580EX II and had it set to Master with the 430EX set to slave. This way I only needed a pair of PW’s to trigger the 2 flashes simultaneously although using this method, the sync speed is cut to 1/125 instead of the max 1/200.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and the mini behind the scene segment! If you’ve got any questions about off camera lighting, feel free to contact me! :)

5 Responses to “Cheah + Ford Family”

  1. Hannah Says:

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    Lovely shoot. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes segment. I find it SO helpful when established photographers are willing to share their tips of the trade. Thanks!

  2. Justin Oh Says:

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    Hi Hannah, I’m always happy to help and I love doing these behind the scene segments. I for one love looking at how other photographers work too so I thought why not do one myself :)

    Feel free to email me if you’d like to know more!

  3. andy Says:

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    just wondering
    what is your setup there you have there?

    and also does it matter in brands and sizes if doing something like you

  4. Justin Oh Says:

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    Hi Andy, I used a 580EX II and a 430EX. The stand and umbrella setup shouldn’t matter as long as it’s sturdy enough to hold up your equipment. Brand doesn’t really matter here but the umbrella size could make a difference depending on your subject :)

  5. Bradt Photography Says:

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    Beautiful work