Sir Owen Woodhouse visits Gough Whitlam in Sydney – Preview


I just wanted to share a quick photo of Gough Whitlam and Sir Owen Woodhouse. Pictured here is Mr Whitlam showing Sir Owen the view he has from his office.

If you don’t know these 2 fine gentlemen but would like to find out more, head over and read this article written by The Australian.

I had the absolute honour and privilege to meet with them both, and to photograph these two men simply catching up on old times back in the day when they worked very closely together. I also photographed the meeting on film and will be processing it in my mini lab at home before I post up the rest of the photos real soon. Many more to come so stay tuned guys :)

3 Responses to “Sir Owen Woodhouse visits Gough Whitlam in Sydney – Preview”

  1. Greg Says:

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    Many years ago I photographed a large function down at Darling Harbour which included many VIps including State and Federal politicians, Church Leaders etc. As Each of the VIps was introduced they received a polite round of applause from the 500 strong audience. When iT was Margaret and Gough’s turn, they receievd a booming standing ovation that went on for quite some time!
    Gough is obviously one of our more popular politicians.

  2. Justin Oh Says:

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    Indeed he is! Gough certainly has a very strong following!

  3. Lauren Walker Says:

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    Well done, Justin, these are great! No camera shake from nerves either :) Good work.