An evening with Sir Owen Woodhouse

On 30th July 2009 I was again, fortunate enough to have the opportunity to photograph a dinner event with Sir Owen Woodhouse. Having met Sir Owen the day before, it was just wonderful to be able to meet him again and his daughter, Margaret. This time, Sir Owen’s son, Tim Woodhouse was there to join us too.

The dinner event, hosted by John Walsh, a partner in the Health Actuarial and Advisory Practice of PriceWaterhouseCoopers had one goal – to bring together likeminded individuals across different fields and also, to welcome Sir Owen on his visit to Australia.

On to the pictures, the beautiful dining setup that evening


Complete with Sir Owen Woodhouse Dinner Menu :)



Simple yet elegant with a gorgeous view of Tumbalong Park!


Sir Owen and John Walsh



Cheers to a good cause!


Dinner is served!


Sir Owen having a good time :)


Sir Owen’s son, Tim Woodhouse, a lawyer and partner with Baker and McKenzie


Margaret, Sir Owen’s daughter looking out for him in case he makes an inappropriate joke :lol:



On the left, Bill Shorten, Federal Member for Maribyrnong, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services and Parliamentary Secretary for Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction. Next to him is Dr Bronwyn Morkham, National Director of the Young People in Nursing Homes Alliance



John Walsh was recently appointed Chair of the Independent Review Panel, Caring Together


A handshake between Bill Shorten and Sir Owen


A hopeful Sir Owen of the times to come


Final speech before the night ended


Sir Owen was quite the superstar, signing autographs for a number of the attendees




Lastly, in the picture above, Sir Owen before the dinner event started. We only chatted very briefly before the night ended but that was good enough for me – I was somewhat lost for words anyway haha! That said though, I was truly honoured to be able to meet Sir Owen. Also if I may add a quote I read somewhere and very vaguely put it together, “A true measure of a man is not how he treats those at his level or above him, but how he treats those below or can do nothing for him”.

I believe Sir Owen is one man who exceeds all measures and as such, it was truly an honour and a privilege to meet him.

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  1. Anne Mwakio (Kenya) Says:

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    Wow! wonderful! pics. Yeah,Yeah to get such honour and privilege its one in a million. Nice pics. Keep it up Justin oh……

  2. Sarndra Says:

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    Just to say E happened upon your wonderful photos trying to find information on the Woodhouse’s as I photographed his wife and son’s graves at Purewa Cemetery today. What a kindly man he looks like. Fantastic photos.

    Best wishes