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Jasmin + Chiang – Wedding Day VidShow!

Published on October 20, 2009

This is the full 18 hour coverage condensed into 8 mins. Don’t forget to turn up your speakers! Head over to the Vimeo link at the bottom if you want to watch a higher quality verson. Enjoy! Jasmin + Chiang – Wedding Day from Justin Oh on Vimeo.

Jasmin + Chiang – Part 2

Published on October 19, 2009

Continuing on, here is the second half of Jasmin and Chiang’s epic 18 hour wedding! A wonderful mix of traditional Chinese customs (and costumes too) with a touch of contemporary flair. There was a nice mix of traditional Baju Kebaya representing Jasmin’s Malaysian background and Chinese Mandarin Shirts for Chiang’s  ‘brothers’. It was a packed [...]

Jasmin & Chiang – Part 1

Published on October 9, 2009

Hello again! Here’s the first installment from Jasmin and Chiang’s wedding day. It was an 18 hour day for us all and because we took sooo many photos, I’ve decided to post them up in parts for you all to enjoy! Here are the highlights from what was such an amazing day and a truly [...]

Jasmin’s Hen’s Day Out video

Published on October 7, 2009

Hey guys, I know some of you are eagerly awaiting to see the photos from Jasmin & Chiang’s wedding. We took heaps and heaps of photos and videos so it will be some time before it’s ready. I will post them up in stages too as I go so you won’t be left hanging without [...]