Sean Minn & Eugene – Pre wedding shoot at La Perouse

Congratulations to Sean Minn and Eugene! The lovely couple tied the knot back home in Malaysia but before they went back we had a pre wedding photo shoot around La Perouse. It was a lovely day in Sydney with typical clear blue skies although, we had very strong wind throughout the whole shoot.

It proved to be a bit of a challenge at first as Sean Minn had trouble with her veil. We were all afraid that it may fly off with the wind! In the end, I think we made the best of it and I’ve also always wanted to do ‘veil shots’. We got a few of them and I was happy with the way it turned out.

Here are the photos from their session. Thank you Sean Minn and Eugene! It was a really fun day out ;)

These 2 photos have some different post processing compared to what I usually do. I couldn’t resist with the texture of the bricks



This is something more typical of my work :)


Making the most of the strong wind ;)


I love this shot! If you see the larger version you can see the streaks of light!



We even got to use the veil as a diffuser, softening the light!



Both of them being funny :P


Love the movement of the veil here!


This has to be one of my favourite shots


The sunset was beautiful that day too!


5 Responses to “Sean Minn & Eugene – Pre wedding shoot at La Perouse”

  1. jonno Says:

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    Wow. Beautiful, just beautiful. Love it all 100%
    And the stuff you did with the veil was just cool =]

  2. Stacy Squires – Christchurch Wedding Photographer Says:

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    wonderfull photography …. the colours are beautifull

  3. Andy Wana Says:

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    Too good, J-Oh
    I like the first picture the most!

    The composition, the textures, the veil in the wind, the winning smile … they all just work!

  4. Kaye Le Fleur Says:

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    Simply beautiful thanks Kaye Le Fleur Wedding Photographer Christchurch

  5. Indian Wedding Photographer Sydney Says:

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    La Perouse like never seen before!! love the sun-set pictures.