AIPP NSW Silver Award – Landscape Category

Sunday, 28th March 2010 – I picked up my first AIPP award. The judging was held over 2 days and I was lucky enough to attend both and actually saw some of my prints being judged. I only submitted 1 print for the landscape category and it was the first one being judged. When the print appeared, I almost had a heart attack! My heart was beating so fast I could hear it in my head :P I listened on nervously and when the score was announced my nerves still weren’t settled hahaha!

Here’s the certificate from AIPP NSW followed by the winning print :)



I did submit other photos for the wedding category but unfortunately I didn’t pick up any awards there. Most of the prints scored in the upper 70′s but you need an 80 or above for silver. Slightly disappointing at first but I did learn a lot having sat through the judging session. This being my first AIPP submission, I now have a better feel of what the judges are after so I’ll definitely be back! :)

I started photography by shooting landscapes many years ago so this is a nice reminder of my photography roots :) Perhaps I should reconsider my career as a wedding photographer and go back to shooting landscapes! By the way, if you came to this link via Twitter or Facebook, Happy April Fools! :P

3 Responses to “AIPP NSW Silver Award – Landscape Category”

  1. Adam Cavanagh Says:

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    Congrats on the award. It’s an awesome image!

  2. Sidd Rishi Says:

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    Well done justin :) Should be very proud!!

  3. Boudoir Photography Sydney Says:

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    Congrats Justin. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work