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Sydney Fireworks NYE 2010

Published on January 2, 2010

4pm, 31st December 2009, friends arrive at my place and fortunately there wasn’t any trouble finding parking. This year we left 2 hours earlier and managed to secure our spot at Balls Head. We had over 7 hours to kill so some food, drinks, iPhone and good company came in handy. I also got to [...]

Shooting with Film in the DSLR age

Published on September 16, 2009

Oddly enough I started shooting digitally many years ago but there’s just something about shooting in film that I really enjoy. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly it is. I know it has something to do with the feel and sound of the shutter and film advancing. Also, the different color characteristics different films produce [...]

Vanessa and Marcus’ Wedding on Film!

Published on September 14, 2009

Shooting a wedding on film has been an idea I’ve always wanted to try for some time now. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do so at a recent wedding with a friend and fellow photographer, Gemma Clarke. She asked me if I wanted to second shoot with her on [...]

Cheah + Ford Family

Published on July 22, 2009

As promised, here are just some of the other pics from the family shoot Ladies first! Ladies & Gentleman Asian James Bond? Mr and Mrs Cheah Cheah and Ford Altogether now! The next 3 would be the funniest sequence I have ever photographed! We were playing an impromptu posing game for each shot I took [...]

New 5D Mark II firmware out!

Published on June 2, 2009

Yeay! Now the 5D II is capable of manual exposure control in video mode. Previously, this was not possible as the camera takes full control of the exposure levels. The latest firmware 1.1.0 by Canon now allows you to control aperture, shutter speed and ISO! Well done Canon for listening to your customers! Copied from [...]