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Sydney Fireworks NYE 2010

Published on January 2, 2010

4pm, 31st December 2009, friends arrive at my place and fortunately there wasn’t any trouble finding parking. This year we left 2 hours earlier and managed to secure our spot at Balls Head. We had over 7 hours to kill so some food, drinks, iPhone and good company came in handy. I also got to [...]

Shooting with Film in the DSLR age

Published on September 16, 2009

Oddly enough I started shooting digitally many years ago but there’s just something about shooting in film that I really enjoy. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly it is. I know it has something to do with the feel and sound of the shutter and film advancing. Also, the different color characteristics different films produce [...]

Chase Jarvis in Sydney!

Published on

Last night, a whole bunch of us Sydney photographers got to meet with the legendary Chase Jarvis for a social meet at the Blue Hotel in Woolloomooloo. A few guys actually flew in from Queensland and Canberra to meet him! Australia being in a continent of our own, we hardly get any famous or world [...]

A walk through Sydney Harbour Bridge

Published on August 13, 2009

A couple of weeks back I was covering an event for a few hours in the city. I planned to take a cab back after it was over so I thought I’d just walk a little and hail a cab in the direction I was heading. As I was walking past St Mary’s Cathedral, I [...]

An evening with Sir Owen Woodhouse

Published on August 7, 2009

On 30th July 2009 I was again, fortunate enough to have the opportunity to photograph a dinner event with Sir Owen Woodhouse. Having met Sir Owen the day before, it was just wonderful to be able to meet him again and his daughter, Margaret. This time, Sir Owen’s son, Tim Woodhouse was there to join [...]