Sonia + Dennis – Prewedding Slideshow

Published on Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Had a few problems uploading the video but it’s up and ready to play now. Click on the Vimeo button at the bottom right corner to watch the HD version which is a lot better :)

Sonia + Dennis – Prewedding

Published on Monday, December 7th, 2009

Sonia and Dennis just got married yesterday(6th Dec 09)!! Congratulations guys! Now that the wedding is over, I can post up the photos we took from their prewedding sessions. Yes, we we took two weekends so we could get various shots from various locations :)

I’ve known both Sonia and Dennis for a good couple of years now when we were all still in university. We all connected through the Malaysian student societies back then and since we were all committee members, we actually worked together organising events too!

Having known them for some time before they got engaged (and now married!), naturally we had tons of fun during the shoot. Here are some of my favourite photos but stay tuned for the slideshow with lots more in my next post! ;)



I like the attitude in the next few here ;)


We wanted something more edgy but those guys being jokers, it was a tough task refraining from bursting out in laughter! :lol:



Yes, I love brick walls with interesting textures and colors :-P


Haven’t been back to this spot in 2 years. It was nice to shoot here again :)



Always wanted to shoot at Luna Park!


The ferris wheel shot!


These guys glow with passion ;)


Don’t forget to check back again for the slideshow!! It’s in HD so you don’t want to miss it ;-)

My First Time :)

Published on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

They say the first is always the best. This certainly held true for me this morning when I checked my email from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). I won my first award for my first submission ever!!!

Winning a WPPI award has been a major goal for me since I got into the wedding photography business. As a newcomer to the industry and only a year (almost exactly) since I officially launched my services, I am absolutely ecstatic to say the least! :)

For those not familiar with WPPI and its competitions, it is often referred to as the Oscars or Grammys of wedding photography! WPPI’s print competitions are perhaps the most highly coveted photography competitions and certainly so in the wedding industry.

I have to admit I was both very nervous and excited before the results were sent out. It was a mad rush job as I decided to give it a go less than a week before the due date. There wasn’t enough time to further touch up the selected photos as I had to send them off to the lab to print and also the matting workmanship was sub par. I was very worried about this and thought going ahead with the submission might have been a mistake… so much so I actually had a bad dream this morning that I didn’t win anything! :mrgreen: Apparently judging took longer than expected this time around with over 1900 prints submitted from around the world – which obviously didn’t help with the nerves :P

On to the image which won me the Accolade of Excellence (Honorable Mention) award:)


Title: Band of Brothers

Category: Wedding Photojournalism

It really must be a day for Firsts as this shot was actually taken at the first wedding I shot!  Thank you Grace & Keiichi for trusting me to photograph your very special day, especially when I had no prior experience whatsoever then!  :P Thank you for the opportunity and ongoing support. Who knows what I’d be doing now if I didn’t have that opportunity to shoot your wedding? 8-O

Also, I have to thank all my friends, both old and new ones! Thanks for all the support, encouragement, inspiration and more importantly, your friendship. You guys know who you are :) Not to forget, I have to thank Alex for being my loyal friend and assistant since I started this adventure.  It has been one hell of a ride man! 8-)

There are so many things on my mind now but I’ll just end this post before it gets too long with the most important one. Having just spent a week with my family when they flew in to Melbourne last week, I’m really missing them a lot after I returned to Sydney. Prior to this it has been over a year since I last I saw them and 1 1/2 years since I last went back to Malaysia. I owe everything to my family and they are the reason where I am today. This first win is dedicated to them! :) Love you guys!

Sonia + Dennis – Teaser Photos

Published on Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Teasers – either love them or hate them :P

I have two to share from separate shoots we did with Sonia and Dennis over two weekends. They actually wanted to keep all the photos as a surprise until their wedding later this year back in Malaysia. ‘Negotiations’ were made and they agreed to let me ‘release’ this one first :)

All I can say is this is only a minor indication of the ‘awesome-ness’ of the other photos to come so hang on guys!


Jasmin + Chiang – Wedding Day VidShow!

Published on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

This is the full 18 hour coverage condensed into 8 mins. Don’t forget to turn up your speakers! Head over to the Vimeo link at the bottom if you want to watch a higher quality verson. Enjoy!

Jasmin + Chiang – Wedding Day from Justin Oh on Vimeo.